Residency Art Center of the City of Gurgy (89)

A.I.L.O: an immersive experience with light

Anna-Eva Berge created the A.I.L.O entity, Art Immersive Luminous and Obscure, to create artistic projects in spaces. Every type of architecture inspires her to design his immersive installations. She regularly associates with Fabrice Leroux who offers her knowledge of digital technologies and leads her to develop projects with sound creations.
In residence in Gurgy, in the department of Yonne, A.I.L.O experiments creations according to the different places, both inside and outside. Anna-Eva Berge plays with mirrors, finds luminous shapes and then draws in space. The architecture leads her to create projections where the movement of the lines disturbs the viewer in his vision. She is also intrigued and fascinated by the visual effects that come from the technique of mapping video.
Her installation plays on the disorder of our perception of the volume of space. We let ourselves be carried by the movements of light lines that leak beyond or concentrate in a more or less fast rhythm. The sound added by Fabrice Leroux reinforces the sensations of immersion.
A sculpture, to be practiced in pairs, also invites us to understand and rediscover the body of the contemplated being. This work offers an interaction, a conversation with others.
She also uses other glass shapes from which she discovers potential for projecting shapes onto walls.
The works of A.I.L.O are experiences to be lived, a space-time to be captivated by the intensity of the oscillations of light. A mystery emanates from his works. We allow ourselves to be transported to an infinite space while trying to break through the operating mode .
During the month of August, artists welcome passers-by, locals and lovers of contemporary art, inviting them to discover their universe and to experience their current research. Their work involves a time of immersion on the part of the spectator, who can dream and travel in front of the new intangible spaces.

Pauline Lisowski

Other experiments on coloured glass