A.I.L.O it pronounces Hello


Behind the acryonm A.I.L.O (Atelier d’Immersion Lumineuse et Obscure), pronounced like the word ‘hello’, is a young sculptor who, since 2014 experiments with the process of interaction between light and darkness, palpable and incapable, reality and reflection, to create volumes: installations and sculptures. She prefers steel and mirrors for their reflective qualities, for their ability to integrate the environment and the observer in her works to make them essential components.

Immersion and interaction are the central ideas in her productions that engage the viewer in sensory and visual experiences, in a dialogue that seeks to disconnect us from reality. Light and lines are the principal components. The lines create volumes with stark edges, removing old-fashioned ornamentality to focus on the essential elements : the pure geometric shape. Light, through its ability to fill space, plunges the viewer directly inside the structure, which is animated by the viewer’s own reflection. The viewer’s movements modify the installation and make her an integral part of her own (re) creation, destabilizing her to the point of blurring the distinction between material reality and her refracted reflection shattered by the reflective surfaces.

A.I.L.O’s surprising work and their optical games challenge our convictions and our perception of elements, disturbing our stability, bringing us into the work itself, rendering us consubstantial. A.I.L.O’s recent work continues in this direction where the reflection of the room itself is reflected simultaneously with those of the visitors who move around the installations, abolishing any hierarchy between high and low, far and near…

Perhaps we can see in this work “a certain mindset where life and death, real and imaginary, the past and the future, that which can be communicated and that which is incommunicable, high and low all cease to be experienced as contradictory” by which André Breton defined the surrealist adventure.


Louis Doucet

Carré décomposé


Stainless steel installation, projector LED. Dimensions, variables.