Buried Emotions

« "The light springs from the stones, we are in the center of the Earth.

It is not lava that flows into the heart of the world, but light." »

Anna-Eva Berge


A.I.L.O. brings out monuments of light from the dark depths of the tufa cellar. Like the still glowing remains of a buried civilization, the sculptures vibrate with a mysterious aura. The visitor's path is that of an archaeologist who discovers the traces of a past life. The sound design accompanies the work as the contained witness of a telluric power that trembles around us. The light here becomes language. It draws a geometrical pattern on the walls of the cellar. The tufa skin is then the support of an underground memory. Like an indecipherable but strangely familiar reminiscence. The title of the artwork "Buried emotions" invites the visitor to appropriate the place. Art is here like a universal witness of our common and individual presence. Being in the world.

Sound design Fabrice Leroux

Curator: Emmanuel Morin

Production : Ackerman + Fontevraud

Text : Madeleine Balansino


Special thanks:

Collaborated on this project,

Miroiterie Champion, Brice Cognée (Axilome), Laurent Boutreux, Armel Salès, Nicolas Amar, Métallerie A.Fabre. To the volunteers of the Abbey Hélène Labalte and Anne-Marie Surreaux my 2 underground suns, to Fabrice Leroux my passionate and fascinating collaborator. Each project is like a new love story, and you all have made it particularly beautiful and unique. Thanks to all of you!