ON-Octobre Numérique

Thanks to this project from the collective AILO, imagined as an immersive and sensory experience, the public is invited to discover the spaces of the castle in a completely new way. Dialoguing with the historical architecture, this exposition navigates between movement, light and architecture to create pieces that are both material and immaterial, physical and spatial, all based on recycled light.

Julie Miguirditchian
Directrice Artistique du label « Octobre Numérique »

Light Construction

2016 (50cm width x 50cm depth x 130 cm height. Bois, miroirs, lumière, moteur, électronique.)

Immersive set-up, dialogue between matters. The sculpture, a palpable matter, is transcended by the geometric appearance of luminous reflections. Throughout a slow choreography, they organize themselves in a perfect cube, laid on the ground, and then envelope the whole space around. Light, an unpalpable matter, appears as if sculpted. Games of opposition and contrasts, thanks to the view of the sculpture's inside. A tower of mirrors, where geometric lines are reflected in an infinite maze of geometric designs.

To Compose

2017  (540cm L x 140cm l x 40cm h. Miroirs, vidéo mapping)

An heritage reflection work, where mirror facets redesign the setting's new vision. Interaction between the spectator, who slowly creates his own vision as he moves, and the heritage reflecting inside. Video mapping highlights the chapel's arches and then creates a whole, between the setting and the sculpture, while giving birth to these notions of motion and depth.


2017 (170cm h x 100cm L x 100cm p. Bois, miroirs, vidéo mapping)

Originating from a single light ray, the discovery of diffraction games provided by reflecting surfaces. Programmation variations create a dialogue with the sculpture, give it a sense of motion. Questioning our perception.

Light Motion

2016/2017 (Miroirs, vidéo mapping. Dimensions variables)

Immersive and sensorial work. All stems from the line, such as a desire for something infinite.

The play of projected light lines that progress in a slow march. Interaction with the reflective surfaces that transcend the luminous flux by reflecting it back to the ground demultiplied as if to better include the spectator. Research on the thickness of the lines to interact with the chapel by plunging it into darkness as the lines become thinner to slowly reveal it as the lines thicken.

Light Expérience

2017 (120cm h x 120 cm L x 50cm p. Bois, lumière motorisée)

All stems from the line. Luminous undulation work. 7 grooves that resonates with the castle's loopholes, where the light emerges, as if it had been imprisoned, to shine even brighter. Motorized, it slowly undulates, as if it was looking for some roundness, similarly to this sculpture's volumes, round with straight lines.