Group residency In-Situ for an exhibition as part of MP2018 "Quel Amour! » event.

From 16 February to 1 April 2018

At the Saint-Sulpice chapel in Istres.

With KIKI TONNERRE and Marc Lecarpentier

Inside the Sensitive

On the theme of “Quel Amour!” for Marseille Provence 2018, A.I.L.O , Kiki Tonnerre and Marc Le Carpentier bring you an immersive, sensory and sound experience that reveals our own emotions. Just like love. What is more mysterious and inexplicable than the budding feeling of falling in love? This is what’s developed, mixing the unexpected with curiosity, a feeling of lightness, daydreaming, enchantment and surprise. At the heart of this in-situ materials and immateriality blend together in a quest for freshness.

Like the first time…

This exposition explores the complementarity of beings and materials.

Two to interact, two to share, two to love.

Without light the sculpture would be switched off, as a mirror without a reflection loses its depth.

The light projection without the stones of the chapel would lose its vibrancy.

Without you spectators, we artists would be alone. You spectators, what would you do without art?

It’s an homage to the other, human and/or material, in its largest and most moving form.


Mapping video. 600 cm width x 600 cm depth x 400 cm heigh.



A work to be experienced in pairs.

Wood, mirrors, LEDs. 130 cm length x 50 cm heigh x 50 cm width.


Inside the Sensitive 

Motorized light, wood, pvc. 200 cm heigh x 90 cm width.