Royal abbey of fontevraud


One winter morning, I saw a light

Site-specific artwork in the church of Saint-Benoît, resulting from the residency "Sous les voûtes".

As part of Christmas at Fontevraud 2021.

We enter, fog around us, we seem to float above a frozen lake represented by multiple facets of mirror that reveal an heritage with a thousand lives. We advance slowly to the rhythm of soft sound vibrations that accompany us and envelop us. The light is everywhere, as if alive. It is drawn by the haze, and interferes in an architecture that suddenly takes the form of a fairy tale palace. The senses are awake, and if we took the time...

Sound design Fabrice Leroux.


Credit pictures: Leonard de Serres

Production: Royal abbey of Fontevraud

Curator: Emmanuel Morin, assisted by de Madeleine Balansino.

Special thanks to : All the beautiful team of the Abbey and especially Emmanuel Morin, Madeleine Balansino, Hervé Reggignano, Etienne Thomas and the technical services. You give wings to the artists. Laurent Boutreux and Cyril Lepage. The mirror factory Nicolas Champion. François Morellet who will remain an eternal source of inspiration. All the artists I met during the residency. The sun, for its mystic apparition every summer day at 4pm.