From the earth to the intangible (De la terre à l’impalpable)

[Un]Holy Light Festival, curated by Juliette Bibasse fot hte city of Leuven in Belgium. December 2022.

Site-specific artwork in the St Jacob church.

Research project around the notion of opposition and complementarity Earth / Sky. Light and sound are the impalpable at our range. They split the air with their vibratory power, become one with the site and envelop us with their softness. The light seems to open the architecture to better connect to the outside world. The constructions on the ground sculpt the light and give it even more power to radiate in this unique heritage where time seems to have stopped.

Credits pictures

David Jacowbski

-The city of Leuven

A big thank you to Juliette Bibasse for her trust in this beautiful adventure! The support of the city, and all the team of the Festival.