Founder: Anna-Eva Berge visual artist since 2006. Lived in Drulhe (12) France

A.I.L.O is a collective designed to generate exchange and collaboration. A big thank you to them!

Fabrice Lerouxmultimedia artist. A very active member of the entity, he offers his know-how on digital technologies and produces the sound creations. Thanks also for the realization of the website, the photos and videos. Lived in Drulhe (12). France

Grégoire Lauvinartist working in the field of new technologies. For A.I.L.O he is in charge of the realization of motorized mechanisms and for the electronic programming. Lived in Aix-En-Provence (13). France

Special project collaboration partners:

- Grégory Camphin, blacksmith based in Mas Thibert.

-Christophe Grangé, blacksmith and wrought iron worker based in Arles. La forge d'Esperluette

Thanks to Cécile and Thibault co-fonders and responsable of IDZIA for their help, support and advice on the lighting equipment.