"The maze", an art journey in the public space

Inauguration on June 24, 2017

Bélvès, a village classified as the most beautiful village in France


Compositions interacting with the village architecture through a single material, the mirror. Or, how to create a dialogue between sun, village, villagers and street lamps for a nocturnal vision. The mirror's depth absorbs everything around it and interactions arise from the movements of people passing and the movements of natural elements like the sun, the clouds which, like a moving painting, give birth to new compositions at every moment of the day and night. The luminous reflections resulting from the encounter between light and mirror create a form of poetry by giving the impression that the material itself has an aura.

Thanks to the whole Daedalus team: Chantal Léothier, Xavier Eltono, Bélvès Town Hall, Christian Leothier and Nathalie Garrigue, the technical services team and the other artists present Pascual Arnal, Leonne Hendriksen and Daniel Muñoz.

Special thanks to Fabrice Leroux for his precious help and wonderful photos! www.fabriceleroux.com